Industrial / Commercial / Residential Electrification Work

Our skilled professionals at Maruthi Electricals cater quality electrification work. The Residential Building Electrification Layout is done cautiously so that it easy and comfortable for people of all age groups. The Residential Building Electrification Layout process comprises different stages to ensure the quality and safety standards. The electrical layout plan adhere to the policies and guidelines laid by the BESCOM board and our ‘Class 1’ certified professionals execute the process.

Residential Electrification Service

Our electricians understand your requirements and value your property. We plan and design the layout with the inclusiveness of future requirements. Our skilled team keep up the latest technology, design and safety standards to ensure quality electrification service.

Commercial Electrification Service

Our commercial electrification services provide end-to-end project analysis, planning, design, procurement, construction and commissioning with best-in-class products procured from Tier I manufacturers.


Our industrial electrification service focus on rendering longtime solutions to withstand the toughest conditions like heavy machinery, natural and man-made disasters.